DM-VORTEX Flow Meter

(DM-Vortex) series is suitable for oil, chemical industry, metallurgy, heating power, spinning, paper making ,etc. Be use of control: over-heating vapor, saturation vapor, compressed air, ordinary air (oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, natural gas, coal gas ,etc),water and liquid (water, petrol , alcohol, benzene ,etc.)


  1. Lattice LCD display
  2. Easy operation
  3. Configure with temperature/pressure senor. For temperature sensors, Pt100 or Pt1000; For pressure sensor, gauge pressure sensor or absolute pressure sensor
  4. Multiple Outputs can be optional: Two-Wire 4-20mA, Three-Wire pulse and Three-Wire equivalent output
  5. Excellent nonlinearity correction function, greatly improve the appearance of linearity
  6. Spectral analysis, improve the ability of anti-interference and vibration resistance
  7. A variety of measuring medium: vapor, liquid, gas and natural gas, etc
  8. Low power consumption, a dry cell can maintain at least 3 years
  9. Automatic switching ability of the working modes: Battery supply, Two-Wire and Three-Wire
  10. Self-checking function: the rich self-checking information make easy maintenance and debugging
  11. Independent password setup, the parameters setup, total flow reset and calibration can be set with different-level passwords, it is convenient for management
  12. Three-Wire system supports RS485 communication
  13. The display unit can be selected and user-defined

The key technical indexes

Table(I):Extent table of reference condition
under working condition

Table(II):The density of common gas under normal
state(0℃,absolute pressure P=0.1MPa)

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Fuel Level Sensor

This Product is adopted by non-contact measurement of ultrasonic sensor technology, which is researched and developed by our company and it is initiated in China. It is also widely used in fuel
consumption project and all products were sold abroad.

Features of Product

  • High accuracy.
  • Excellent stability.
  • Easy installment and maintenance
  • No pollution and lower consumption.
  • High reliability.


This ultrasonic fuel level sensor can be used for all kinds of vehicle ( logistics car/taxi/ public bus/passenger bus ) .It records refueling and fuel consumption in a digital way, which avoid fuel being stolen, wasting and enhance the efficiency, improved safety and reinforce management.

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